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J & O's Tire CFN Fuel Benefits

Fuel cards that our station accepts:

• CFN™
• Fuelman™
• Comdata™
• T-Check™
• EFS Voyager™
• Wright Express™
• Amex™
• Visa™
• MasterCard™
• Discover™

Here at J & O's, we provide you with many benefits for your fueling needs.

• Security of Your CFN Cards

• Customize your consumption
• Control your cards by setting daily limits
• Total amount against a card
• Mandatory mileage key in requirement

• Personal Contact to Activate or Deactivate a Card

• Here at J & O's our professional and helpful staff is available from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday–Friday, for real–time phone conversation to assist in your business needs.

• Availability of Stations Nationwide

• With CFN Card System fuel, there are more than 4,000 stations available nationwide.

• Internet Access to Check Status on any of Your Cards & Accounts

• As a J & O's card holder, all customers will have access to deactivate or reactivate any of their cards and to also reset their transactions.

• Pricing Benefits

• Volume discounts (i.e., 6,000 gallons per month times $0.06 per gallon=$360.00 in savings per month)
• Locked-in formula

Fuel Area

Fuel Pricing Notes

Fuel price is based on daily opus average price. (This price is evaluated everyday.)

Formula is figured out by opus daily average price plus transportation cost and 5 cents for any outside CFN location nationwide, plus 10 cents for J & O's Commercial Fuel Billing System.
This gives you a locked profit margin that will never change. Only the opus price, the refinery profits, will rise and fall. This gives your company more consistent fuel prices. With this program, your fueling costs are kept to a minimum because there are no hidden costs on the fuel, this keeps it at a very low price!

Also with volume discounts you can drive your fuel costs way down!

Volume Discounts are as Listed Below:

Gallons Per Month Discounts Per Gallon
0-500 $.00
501-1000 $.01
1001-2000 $.02
2001-3000 $.03
3001-4000 $.04
4001-5000 $.05
5001-6000 $.06

In order to stay on top of your fueling costs, billing is done every 2 weeks. This way, you can keep an eye on your consumption.

Click here to download your printable credit application. Once you have downloaded the application form, simply print it out, complete it, and fax it to (510) 451-4354 or call us at (510) 451-4353.

Please Note: The application is in PDF Format, which requires Adobe® Acrobat® Reader. If you do not have this program, you may download it for FREE here.

If you have any questions concerning fuel & volume discounts, please contact us at edwardtalbot@jandotire.com or call (510) 451-4353.

Richmond Location 

533 South 13th Street (Off of Cutting Blvd.)

Richmond, California

Phone: 510-237-6344

E-Mail: charlietalbot@jandotire.com


Oakland Location

2401 Union Street (Off West Grand Ave.)

Oakland, California

Phone: 510-451-4353

Email: edwardtalbot@jandotire.com

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